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Antea Group USADanger Texting and Walking. Workplace Safety Videos

This video helps you get informed with actionable insights towards managing this silent hazard that often goes unaddressed. After all, you take your job as the purveyor of health and safety very seriously. Struggling with disengaged employees?

7 Best Workplace Safety Videos to Inspire Safety at WorkNational Safety Compliance - Safety & OSHA Training Resources

No matter the workplace environment, employees are exposed to heat stress during different times of the year. Using safety videos in staff meetings and training sessions can be a great way to illustrate and reinforce key points that employees need to remember. You can watch the latest episodes at the New Safety Show Episodes page on the company's website. The safety inspectors are spot on while the foreman delivers one excuse after another.

Of course, more is always better. Ontario Ministry of Labour. There is some slightly graphic material throughout some of these videos. While slips, trips, and falls are no laughing matter when they really happen in one of your facilities, we can all agree that blooper reels are insanely funny.

So, as you would tell your employees, please proceed with caution. DuPont has been a recognized and respected brand for more than two centuries. Soil Classification This video demonstrates how a visual inspection of a construction site's soil is performed.

OSHA Videos

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This narrated presentation makes effective use of visuals for maximum impact. Did you notice the makeshift cowboy hat the foreman was wearing around his safety helmet? Also, good thing this video was just a preview, and not meant for actual use. Law enforcement agencies like the New Orleans Police Department are adopting artificial-intelligence based systems to analyze surveillance footage. Electric-scooter rental companies are hitting speed bumps in the U.

Incorporating videos into your workplace safety training efforts can be a great way to engage your employees via the use of multimedia. Office of Special Counsel. Purchasing videos, however, can become expensive very quickly. National Safety Compliance offers a variety of helpful videos via its YouTube Channel, which is the oshasafetytraining channel. Our phones give us instant gratification.

Danger Texting and Walking. Workplace Safety Videos

Since government publications are in the public domain, you are free to use any videos provided by this source in your training programs. We thought this would be a great opener to our list of safety videos. You can also watch previous episodes via the Llewelyn Technology YouTube channel.

From whiteboard videos to a Lord of the Rings airplane safety clip, here are the best workplace safety videos that the internet has to offer. Now employers are taking them to the next level. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The South Korean government is looking into reports that Kim Jong Un ordered the execution of his top envoy and demoted senior officials.

Get the scoop on the best equipment and procedures for managing industrial industry workplace hazards. To Inspire Safety at Work. Here we celebrate some of the best safety videos the internet has to offer. Whether he intended to or not, the special counsel encouraged Democrats who want to impeach Donald Trump.

DiVal Safety Equipment Inc. However, plopping your employees down in front of a computer monitor or video screen to watch a video certainly isn't sufficient. Introduction to Fall Arrest Training. Anyone else notice the stick man using an iMac for the first part of the video? This video demonstrates how a visual inspection of a construction site's soil is performed.

Llewelyn Technology produces the Workplace Safety Show video series, in which company executives discuss timely safety-related issues. Workplace Safety Videos For decades, x plane 10 a320 companies have used films and videos to promote workplace safety.

Eight Funny Workplace Safety Videos

This video offers a quick animated guide to assessing and managing a fire with an extinguisher. While it may not be possible to find no-cost options for all of your training needs, there are some free sources for safety videos that you may find to be helpful. Labourers and workers have relied on this helpful element while also managing the hazards that come with it. Please click the button below to continue.