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Restart the computer and check if the issue persists. Thank you for your feedback! This option is in the middle of the window. Above mentioned step-by-step article helped me so much.

To check if the update is already installed, go to the Start screen. Very useful adevice within this post! Tell us what we can do to improve the article Submit.

These amounts are estimates, so you might need slightly more or less available drive space for the update. If it asks for a License number, input your original key assuming that you have one already. Even if you do this correctly, it may look like nothing occurs, or you may briefly see an hourglass. If you see a Search button near your account name at the top of the Start screen, you already have the update. It's in the bottom-right corner of the window.

Before you beginInstall the Windows 8.1 Update (KB 2919355)

This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Were there any changes made on the computer prior to the issue? You can leave everything else on default state.

Repeat this process for all drives listed. If you need more help, contact Microsoft support. You'll need to do so immediately after the screen goes black. To me, backup means another copy that's not on the same computer i.

You're unlikely to have a problem. We couldn't complete the updates. Can you tell us which parts were out of date so we can update them?

Did this solve your problem? You just drag and drop into folders you create. In the window near the top of the page, click a drive name, then click Delete and confirm the decision if prompted. Move the drive to the top of the boot list.

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When choosing what install, you have to choose Custom because Upgrade will not work. After you run this command, the operation is complete. Now you should select your newly formatted removable drive from the list. Both buttons are at the bottom of the page.

You need to make them bootable Reply. How satisfied are you with this response? Pls send me the names of pen drives which are bootable.

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Don't turn off your computer. Follow the instructions on the screen. Scroll down to the bottom and click Change Product Key. Tap or click View your update history.

If this doesn't work, check the key legend on the right side or bottom of the screen to see which key you should press to move the selected option. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

How to make a Windows USB Installer - Bootable USB

How to make a Windows USB Installer - Bootable USB

Format the usb drive

To access this, open the Start menu and select Settings. Even a one terrabite external is affordable. Again, use the arrow keys to select the appropriate option.

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There are chances that the Windows installer is not working properly. You do not need a Microsoft account to install Windows.

Before you begin

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You will need to reinstall programs as well as restore files, so definitely do a back up of data. Bosna i Hercegovina - Hrvatski. Cookies make wikiHow better. Click Custom Install Windows only. You might be able to fix this problem by using third-party software to increase the size of the System Reserved partition.

Hi, Please i need your help, world font i did just what you said above but i get a black screen instead of installing the windows! Back up your computer's files. This key is usually either an F key e.