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Supported templates are listed in the vendor tables below. The table below contains scenarios that have been thoroughly tested with NetBackup. Re-mapping to different disks is not supported. They are assumed to work as similar physical resources do.

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Any required operating system patches for specific releases of NetBackup are documented in the NetBackup Release Notes. NetBackup deployment templates are available for some operating systems and cloud infrastructure solutions. However, this compatibility ceases to be supported in any configuration once the previous major version has reached its End of Support Life.

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Use Veritas Quick Assist to identify common issues, gather data for Support-assisted troubleshooting, and redirect to other customer self-help and Support resources. For other uses, see Veritas disambiguation. For a quicker and easier NetBackup deployment, Veritas recommends using the template rather than doing a manual NetBackup installation. Ideally, of djvu file reader every NetBackup configuration supported in a traditional physical environment would also be supported in any virtual environment without qualification.

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List the most downloaded or the latest patches. NetBackup supported functionality is listed in the tables below. In addition, you can create system-specific notifications customized to your environment.

NetBackup Deployment Templates. NetBackup is supported on any cloud infrastructure environment that meets NetBackup's minimum resource requirements.

If the level is changed, the kernel may panic and the system may not recover. Note that there is a planned support for NetBackup Bare Metal Restore functionality in a future release. This article is in list format, but may read better as prose.

It is divided into bookmarks on the left that can be expanded. The Backup, Archive, and Restore utility performs backups and archives for the system on which it is installed and restores for this system and other clients.

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The current patch versions of releases will work with NetBackup for the operating systems listed below unless otherwise noted. Listed in the table below are the backup and archiving products and versions supported by OpsCenter and OpsCenter Analytics.

Since it is a part of the standard system components, backup and recovery of Active Directory is supported on all Windows server platforms which NetBackup supports as a client. If a supported NetBackup client is not listed in the table below the client is supported for backup and restore, but it does not support any of the available graphical interfaces. Symantec software Backup software. The deal created the fourth-largest software firm in the world to date. NetBackup does not support any scenario where a media server or client runs a software release update version that is higher than that of their Master server.

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Apple Mac OS X - NetBackup Client

This option runs on the same operating systems and versions and in the same clustering environments as NetBackup unless otherwise noted in the NetBackup Release Notes. While that is our mission, it is not always possible. At that media server, the backup stream is deduplicated.

To create or configure the data collector, select the Agent that is installed as Integrated Agent. Recovery of root filesystems using multi-pathing is not supported. After logging in, you can retrieve past reports, share reports with colleagues, review notifications you received, and retain custom settings. Patches Filter and download patches for your product, version, and platform. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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Check the Operating Systems server table for the exact version of NetBackup in which OpsCenter server support started. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Cluster compatibility is only listed for NetBackup Components that are cluster aware. Filter and download patches for your product, version, and platform.

NetBackup restrictions and limitations related to systems, clusters, and peripherals also apply to Vault. Supports recovery of non-root filesystems via Linux Native Multi-pathing. It also manages the target mode driver for the host bus adaptors. Veritas does not certify the cloud compute layer or the cloud block storage layer.