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Noise imposes a health risk for human beings. In addition to teaching in the field of Business Informatics and Human-Computer Interaction, various topics are being researched within the context of several projects.

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The short-wave solar radiation wavelength to nm is partly reflected and absorpted at the window panes. Candidates should have experience in conducting qualitative research methods independently. Whereas in winter the low standing sun maximises the solar energy gain and reduces therefore the heat energy demand of the building. Ein weiteres Tool zur Algorithmen-Visualisierung.

Windows Windows have to fulfil functional as well as esthetical tasks. Thermal transfer mechanisms of a double pane window. Springer, Berlin - Heidelberg, S. South orientated windows are preferable. Windows are produced as various types differing in pane thickness, pane number, pane material, inter-pane distance and gas filling, pane coating and frame construction.

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In minimising the heating energy demand of buildings windows can play an important role in optimising the passive solar gains. Standortplanung und Preissetzung unter Wettbewerb. The joint permeability means the air leakage through the window and frame and is defined by the joint permeability coefficient. Incorporating Price Competition into Location Models. The thermal insulation during summer is also influenced by the solar heat gain coefficient of the window pane.

Long-term exposure greatly increases the risk for heart and circulatory diseases. International Conference on Operations Research.

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Operations Research Proceedings accepted. Heuristics and Exact Approaches. Literature Review and Emerging Trends. Sequential Competitive Location on Networks.

The requirements towards heavy rain demands that no water enters the interior when simultaneously exposed to rain and wind. Active security means the protection against theft or direct attacks.

Finally, translation and editing German-English may be also incurred. Which Items Should be Stored Together?

An excess of solar energy input has to be avoided using additional shading devices. Energetic disadvantages have to be omitted when optimising a buildings day lighting potential by enlargement of the glazing area. The heat energy absorbed at the inward surface of the inner pane is being delivered to the outward surface of the inner pane via heat conduction. One of the focus of the research is the professional exchange of tools, data and results within different research communities. We offer largely free time allocation, consideration of your own needs and interests especially related to career-relevant research topics.

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Passive security deals with the protection of the human being during the usage Opening, closing, cleaning. To guarantee a sufficient level of daylight, the windows have to meet minimal requirements in size and orientation. Windows are used for natural ventilation of rooms.

Lernsoftware für den Simplex-Algorithmus. Heat transmission and airtightness Glossary characterise the thermal insulation qualities of a window during winter. Classification and Literature Overview.

Bachelor or Master of all faculties, autonomy and independency, self-motivation, reliability, pro active communication behavior, good academic performance, interest in scientific work. Human Centered Scheduling Algorithms. The remaining fraction of the solar radiation is being transmitted to the buildings interior.

They dominate the appearance of a building with their form, structure and placement on the envelope. If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Decentralized Sequencing of Jobs on a Single Machine. Workshop für quantitative Betriebswirtschaftslehre. The physical properties lighting, heating, single party rudolstadt ventilation are governed by the optical and thermal properties of the glazing and the frame. The energy savings due to reduced amount of electrical lighting an possibly solar gains have to be weight against the increased transmission loss. Competitive Location and Pricing on Networks.