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You also need to set the Cost of Sales settings for your Stock Items. Only transactions between the business and another entity i. However, you will still be able to view reports for the creditor supplier. Account Disabled - This field should not be selected ticked if you wish to enter and post transactions to the creditor supplier account. In order to facilitate the generation proper reports, our template sets of books have been divided into financial categories, which may be further divided into account groups.

TurboCASH Accounting Software - Accounting Processes Manual System

All amounts owed to third parties or financial obligations repayable normally more than one year. Postal Code - Enter the postal code.

My name is Ahmed from Yemen it's really great projact TurboCash arranged all my bussnase thank you very much. In this system all the transactions are manually or physically written up by hand. All reports can be viewed on screen, printed, saved or exported in a file format, spamfighter windows 7 send via e-mail or faxed.

TurboCASH Accounting

Turbo cash tutorial.pdf

Financial Category Proprietary Accounts. Click on the Accounting Information tab to enter and select settings and accounting terms. Minimise - Click on this button to minimise the program in the Windows Taskbar. Each of the Income Statement Financial Categories i.

This program is easy to use, but an exceptionally powerful accounting program. Contact Person - Select a Contact Person from the list. Any transaction is based on a give and receive principle.

Edit Creditor menu Create a Sundry Supplier account. Once all your transactions have been captured, they must be posted to the Ledger. You may select the Country. You will need to buy a multi-user license or compile the source yourself. Contact View contact information and e-mail facilities.

TurboCASH Accounting

The Sales and Sales No Stock stock item types will not be listed on the lookup screen when purchase documents Orders, Purchases and Supplier Returns are processed. Set the options or defaults for the batch. Description or Notes to change the sort sequence from the ascending to the descending sequence. If you click on the Yes button, the document will be printed.

The Purchase and Purchase No Stock stock item types will not be listed on the lookup screen when sales documents Quotes, Invoices and Credit Notes are processed. All - select to display all accounts i. The Posted documents will be listed. The Input Tax Account, as selected on the on the Edit Stock Items menu, will be used when purchases or supplier returns for the creditor supplier is updated posted to the ledger.

By default no options are selected. You will also have a separate list of all your debtors, creditors and stock items. This book is meant to be fun. To use any of the powerfull plugins, you need to purchase a license for most of the Plugins.

Every time I call they answer on the first ring and solve my problems. Generate Reportman Directories - Reportman still under development - to be advised. You may set the Calendar as the default option when you open a Set of Books. Date - The system date should automatically be displayed.

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Safeguarding of records It is a good idea to make a comparison between these two methods. To set the cursor on document lines after selecting the stock item to go directly to the quantity column, select tick this option. This will list the transactions for a specific account. News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters Check out Slashdot, the leading technology news and discussion site on the web. Never could, the zips were always corrupt.

Sales Journal - This journal or book is used to record your sales for the day. You need to purchase a license on which a registration code and instructions will be mailed to you to unlock the full features of these plugins. If it does not arrive in this time, the probability is that it has been stopped by your spam catcher etc. You will access options on this menu to capture transactions in journals from source documents, generate invoices, etc.

Imagine what the size of your General Ledger would be if you have debtor accounts, creditor accounts and stock items. Invoices and Credit Notes which have been updated posted to the ledger.

TurboCASH Accounting

It will run more securely on a better machine. Any transactions captured or entered automatically update all applicable records, when the transactions are posted. The list of language files as maintained in the Tools Customise Language menu will be listed.

Slickpie is the best alternate for Turbocash. Send an email to unlock turbocash.

Once finished, click on the Save button. Debtor's Control Account This account reflects the total amount owed by all the individual debtors. Creditor Code - It is automatically generated. If you set up the contra account per line, each time you select an account, you to also select a contra account. Each of the speed buttons has a shortcut key to access the required option from your keyboard.

TurboCASH Free Open Source Accounting Software UK

Turbo cash tutorial.pdf

Country - You may select the Country from the list, if necessary. All records and transactions are captured or entered and processed in the accounting system via a computer keyboard and a mouse.