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Quarterly reports summarizing timelines, development plans and upcoming project activities. However, as more and more individuals and organizations are using MathJax and its benefit to the community is growing, its base of support grew via the Sponsorship Program.

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Our founding sponsors have been very generous in providing funding. General Support You can ask general questions on the MathJax-Users mailing list where the entire community will chime in. Applied mathematics in partnership with computational science is essential in solving many real-world problems.

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Features and Benefits

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Quarterly reports on the financial condition and budget forecasts for the project. Here's a pre-populated example on jsbin you can re-use.

All of this is important to the community, and requires dedicated time, effort and money. If you use the snippet above, you will need to change the version number in the src attribute any time the version of MathJax changes. With its roots in journal and book publishing, frankfurt singlebörse Elsevier has fostered the peer-review process for more than years. Partners receive priority support and consideration for enhancements through a dedicated technical contact.

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Our users need MathJax to be reliable and easy to use, now and in the future. This technical contact will work to ensure that issues receive prompt attention and receive a timely resolution.

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If you are using specialized authoring tools, such as LaTeX or Markdown, they might integrate MathJax out of the box or have plugins, e. You can find leaner combined configuration packages in our documentation. Supporters also receive informative quarterly reports giving insight into project timelines, development plans, and upcoming activities. Elsevier is a founding publisher of global programs that provide free or low-cost access to science and health information in the developing world. From the beginning, MathJax was conceived as open-source software, on the principle that math display should be part of the common infrastructure of the web.

These reports enable to better plan their use of MathJax to take full advantage of MathJax resources to benefit their users. If you prefer to render server-side, you can check out mathjax-node. MathJax Steering Committee.

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