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The primary functionality of these pages allowed artist to begin managing their own songs and modifying the descriptions and search features of their free music. In addition, the site administrator has begun recording new artists and finding more free songs to encourage the site's listeners. We Remember - Performance Track. Declare Your Glory - Performance Track. More of his songs in yellow below.

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Click Now and hear these Christians Sing! Another inspirational song by Jammie Jolly.

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All songs below are copyrighted by their artists, which have each given permission for these songs to be here and for you to download and share them, but only as long as you do it entirely for free. Our main desire with this site is to give away the great godly Christian music for free that Lord has given us.

Through the years, they have written several songs that they would sing as a family. See more of his work below. Jesus, Jesus - More Like You. During this stage most of the internal structure of the free Christian music site was established.

Great song by debut artist Sylvester Williams! Scottish Vocals with Guitar.

During that year, he had also encountered others the Lord blessed musically. You can follow the lyrics by clicking on this YouTube Link. This site features godly music with all kinds of styles and genres. Contemporary Christian Pop and Rock.

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Free Christian music by The Road Crew. Visit her online at her website by clicking here. Godly Christian Music is run by the owner of Finest Studios. Barak had written several songs and he shared several of them that night.

Encouraging music by Jammie Jolly and even more of his below! They That Trust In the Lord.

Gentle, encouraging song by Joe Delancy. Reason relates the band's personal stories of faith with universal appeal, blending elements of contemporary Gospel music into their established sound. When this process was completed the initial bare bones functionality was made available to the free Christian music listeners. All these great Christian songs were produced by people who have a testimony of deliverance from darkness and into fellowship with the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Above the Heavens - Original. You will find that much of the great free Christian music on this site is in the form of Scripture songs i. Contemporary Christian Pop.

Over the following months, several saints here in Grand Rapids had received a number of books and various other materials from Indianapolis as well. Click on it to visit them! Now, you can search the site by Artist, Theme, Genre, and Title!

God Made Everything Whales and Snails. Once the template was made, several weeks followed creating the images that would mark the face of Godly Christian Music. Precious Memories, Collection Alan Jackson. In addition, to do it in such a way that it is available for people all around the world. Song of encouragement by Joe Delancy.

One major difficulty was simply getting the time to learn the new programing language. Nevertheless, through perseverance and the mercy of the Lord, the new language was learned after about a year and so more free songs were soon to follow. New song by Kenny Neilson. More Songs Coming Very Soon! Delight Yourself in the Lord.

In The Stillness of My Apathy. Please check back often for additions. New song by Will Morgan - a quiet and thoughtful song. Alan Martin was living in Missouri at the time and had recoded several inspirational songs many years ago. Mercies of the Lord - Performance Track.

Encouraging and uplifting! New song from Anonymous Christian Jonathan Ramachandran. Thinking, Feeling, and Doing. Not Ashamed of the Gospel. Recorded Live in Jerusalem Paul Wilbur.

Since that time, Alan Martin has also recorded a few other christian christian songs that are presently on this site as well. The Home of Free Christian Music. Hymns of Faith Casting Crowns. The Godly Christian Music administrator frequently had to stop the process of learning again and again on account of several life trials. Want to become a Godly Christian Music Artist?

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Christian gospel mp3 songs

Christian gospel mp3 songs

Back in late the site administrator started to learn a new programing language with the hopes of being able to use it to turn Godly Christian Music into a dynamic data base driven site. There were many obstacles to overcome in this process of updating this free song download website. Also tons of our music has song lyrics for Christian songs. Later, one of the brothers who had originally traveled with the man from Kenya spent a week with the Smiths recording their songs and editing some of the songs that had previously been recorded. Stranger in a Strange Land.

Godly Christian Music has come a long way over the last couple years. Therefore, we have taken the time to make it possible to download or listen to all these wonderful Christian Christian songs from the internet. Free Christian Music by Goodbye Audio. Declare Your Glory - March for Jesus. People, sandra albums Live Hillsong United.

Having been very blessed by the family, contact continued over the following months. If the artist has provided a website, their name will be hyperlinked. Correspondence has also been increasing as talented artists find the site and ask to post their free songs here.

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