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So, dont find majaz in idol worshipping, just to fulfil your heart desires, let it be broken and worship the God only. That is why man has had to develop different types of worships such as idol worship etc. Neither that restlessness or writhing remained in the Ghaznavi nor those curls in the hair locks of Ayaaz remain! Hawas, chupp chupp kay seenon mein bana laiti hai tasveerein. Hi Shair written ik english roman do not match with the correct urdu shair Eg.

All Sufis, and most poets, have been longing for a Glimpse of the Eternal and the Omnipresent Reality. So if the human heart is broken, because it is unable to see the God in this world, man must not be dishearted. Tu mera shauq dekh mera intizaar dekh!

Reshma Ji, really a pleasure and Privilege to have read such a beautiful translation and explanation. Brahimi nazar paida magar mushkil say hoti hay. Na kaheen jahan main amaan mili, jo amaan mili to kahan mili Merey jurm-e-khana kharab ko terey afwa-e-banda nawaz main.

Or is he saying it as he hesitates, and considers not hurling himself in? Tu bacha bacha k na rakh isay, tera aeena hay who aeena K shikasta ho to azeez ter ha y nigah-e-aeena saaz main. Never miss latest songs lyrics update. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Kabhi aye haqeeqat-e-muntazar, nazer aa libaas-e-majaz main K hazaaron sajdey tarap rahey hain meri ik jabeen-e-bayniaz main. Jo main sar ba sajda hoa kabhi to zameen say aney lagi sada Tera dil to hay sanam aashna, whale done video tujhay kia milay ga namaz main.

Except the Youtube link is out dated. Your opinion is important to us! In effect, the speaker is trying to cut a deal with God over what God claims as his rightful due already.

Dap rahii na vo Kham hai zulf-e-ayaaz me. This is a very delicate point as it changes the meaning completely. If it is possible please send it to my email address. Fortunately I stumbled to this site with all I was going to created. This is definitely the best interpretation I have ever seen.

Usay kaun dekh sakta, ki yagana hai, wo, yakta. Your email address will not be published. We have Biggest Collection of Hindi Songs Lyrics, so you can search your favorite songs lyrics by movies names, by artist names, by music directors and lyricists. Because a broken heart gets more closer to God. Very in depth understanding.

Thank you for visiting my website. Dam-e-tawaf kermak-e-shama nay kaha k who asar-e-kohan Na teri hikayaat-e-sooz main na mero hadees-e-gudaaz main. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Jo, du'i ki boo bhi hoti, tau, kaheen do'char hota. Neither did those fervors remain in passion, neither Love has that warmth or heat nor did that mischievous-ness! It is a last truth this living is not easy many problems and troubles created here.

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Na who ishq main raheen germiyaan, na who husun main raheen shookhiyan Na who Ghaznawi main tarap rahi, na who khum hay zulf-e-Ayaaz main. But then if humans get stuck in the desire to see God in this world, their prostrations sajdas would be for idols sanams and will not be for God.

Masjid to bana dii shab bhar main imaa. Thank you for this detailed and nuanced explanation and translation. Tarb aashna-e-kharoosh hoo, tu aye nawa mehram-e-goosh hoo Woh suroor kia k chupa hoa hosukoot-e-perda-e-saaz main.

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