Igi I Am Going In Trainer For Pc

In this pc game there are two main cheat codes or trainer. Just above cheat codes before starting a game and insert by press above buttons to become a trainer. Which gamer has not wanted to play a virtual James Bond, street lamp post 3d model using high-tech weapons and gadgets to save the world from nuclear destruction? Can you tell me the solution of this problem?

Free games with updated links. Buildings, weapons, and vehicles are all rendered realistically, and there isn't a game in recent memory that contains such convincing base layouts. After that it seizes the nuclear power plant where the plant for the processing of plutonium from the time of the Cold War used to be located. Even if he's wearing body armor, a few shots can still put a painful end to the hero's career.

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Thumbs up for your writing style. You are put in the shoes of David Jones, an agent for I.

While you're a skilled agent, you're just one man - not a one-man army. This is the kind of open-ended superspy gameplay. Cheats Cheats - Cheat mode demo version. He includes a special capability to accomplish troublesome tasks.

Source Games Full Version Free. Also it one of the best military action you can get. It is one of the first computer games to feature realistic weaponry and tactical combat situations.

Blogger Template by Clairvo. This one game promises a cinematic story line along with intense, heart-pounding gameplay.

Anya is female she works to defend the jones and Ekk in this igi game for pc. My forums Cheat book Go to control panel. Best of all, the expansive outdoor environments seamlessly transition into indoor and underground installations that are just as detailed. After the explosion of air defense systems Jones enters the airfield where Joseph is supposedly in captivity.

Jones then has to clean the border and find his gadget. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Files for Project I.G.I

Private messages My forums Cheat book Go to control panel. What a nice post you have made. Download best pc games full version for free.

Project IGI 1 Setup

Now you can make your player invincible, rapid fire, freeze ammo. The player controls the actions of David Jones. However he managed to evacuate and Jones has to flee hijacking a fighter. Resupply Mission is very interesting because Jones bring back the all equipment.

They penetrate into the underground complex where Jones kills Eck and Anya neutralizes the bomb. Hope I helped, and have a nice day!

When you run into the inevitable confrontation with guards, fast and furious firefights ensue. Anya helps him with his instructions - an expert in the field of computer systems and nuclear physics. As such, you'll need to do a lot of creeping through the shadows, sneaking around security cameras, hacking computers to deactivate surveillance systems, and using binoculars to scout the area. Jones is selected from the enemy territory and again captures Surf who is escorted by train. If you like some serious military action, then this game is worth trying.

In there was a continuation of I. You can download full compressed games free on dgamesfree. If i skiped any mission i appologise.

He then hijacks the train carrying Priboi and takes him in for interrogation and getting to know about the involvement of Ekk, He units off to capture her and locate the nuclear weapon. It's a stunning feeling to run to the edge of a cliff and see an enormous enemy military installation sprawled out in the valley below. Play with Keyboard and Mouse.

But Ekk escapes on her first meeting with Jones and however Jones kills her after locating her second hideout as nicely. The action begins in the former Soviet Union, and your first goal is to rescue a contact who has vital information about the nuke and who is being held and tortured at a military airfield in Estonia.

New Version and hack wifi. You can restore health only by grabbing a medical kit from an infirmary - if there even is one in the area. It is often difficult for me to answer all the e-mail I receive, but I would like you to know that every one of your messages are read and appreciated.

IGI 1 Trainer

First Mission is Trainyard its objective is for small coastline trainyard by Jones. David is additionally delineated as an officer or commander doesn't quit therefore simply at risky and emergency things, however stands firm to face and solve the case sedately.

On the train an air strike is being made but Jones and Priboi have time to escape and they are evacuated by friendly troops. Anya joins him who should neutralize the bomb. Cheats Cheats - Enemies don't shoot. Is it better to take the base head-on or skulk around the perimeter first and thin down your opposition?

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