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This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Gandhi's servant finds Sahil near the dead doctor and shrieks, causing him to run away.

Gupt The Hidden Truth - Gupt (Title) lyrics

It was also nominated for the Best Music Director award. The Hidden Truth Songs Lyrics. Language no bar, music bar bar is his mantra.

Mere Khwabon Mein Tu Lyrics. Kajol was the first woman in Filmfare Award history to receive the Best Villain award. Gandhi invites Sahil to his home. Yeh Pyasi Mohabbat Lyrics.

The film's soundtrack composed by Viju Shah won the Filmfare Best Background Score award in despite quite a few elements of plagiarism. Sahil, to prove his innocence resolves to find the real murderer. Gandhi for advice, and Dr. Amir Jamal simply lifted this song and added Hindi lyrics and used it in his album. Gandhi's servant reports Sahil to the police.

Latest Hindi Songs Lyrics. Won't we feel annoyed looking at this man, who, in one hand lifts their tracks with no credit to the original composer and on the other, talks of cross-border friendship and exchange of movies.

None of the songs work for me. If you had heard the song, you'd have noticed Arabic lyrics that goes, Tamally Ma'ak.

At one point, Sahil tries to stab his father but is stopped by Sharda. So apparently Isha is the murderer. He opens the necklace and finds his and Isha's picture inside the locket. The yodeling part from the Aqua song is copied with no reservations. Sheetal takes this warning jokingly as Isha arrives.

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Isha attacks Sheetal at her house, where Sahil arrives on time to save her. Again, the recurring humming theme in Koyla is a copy. Governor Jaisingh Sinha Raj Babbar is a prominent political figure, who is known as an upright person. At the end, the revelation of the killer horrifies the viewers.

In the meantime, Isha stabs Officer Udham Singh, who suffers major wounds. The beats and opening portion are inspired. The strange thing is, while he keeps lifting tracks from Pakistan for his films made under the Vishesh Films banner, he also goes across to Islamabad trying to promote his movies. Sahil creates a problem with other prisoners, causing the jailor Tej Sapru to confine him and two prisoners in the chamber. The rest of the album was highly praised by critics and audience.

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Gandhi to cover up the first crime. Aye Mohobbat Tere Begum Akhtar. Sahil is accused and taken to court, where many of his acquaintances and Sharda testify against him.

One evening, Sinha throws a party for Sahil's birthday and announces Sahil's engagement to Sheetal, upon which an argument breaks out. The next day, Sahil gets heavily drunk at the house of Dr. As usual, the Hindi song is infinitely better.

Udham Singh interrogates Sheetal, with whom Sahil still maintains a good relationship. In jail, Sahil relates his story to an old prisoner, who believes him to be innocent. The Exorcist theme has been adapted neatly and used in the song Mushkil bada and also in the background music. The film is still known for its twist the identity of the killer and its trail-blazing music, by composer Viju Shah, son of composer Kalyanji Shah of composer-duo Kalyanji Anandji.

This one is an instrumental. Do not show this pop up again. At the same time, Sahil was interrogating Mantriji, but Sheetal arrives and tells him that the murderer is Ishwar Dewan, making Sahil release Mantriji. Can someone find some prove to backup this Statement.


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The soundtrack of Gupt itself, however, secret documentary holds a lot of gupt. The story of the horror-thriller film Gupt revolves around the murder of a political chief and the reason of this murder by an unknown killer remains utterly mysterious.

Gupt The Hidden Truth - Gupt (Title) lyrics

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. The director, Rajiv Rai is not over-awed by the subject and so does not make a hosh-posh out of the whole thing. Sounds terrible when sung. Bobby Deol Manisha Koirala Kajol.

Upon release, Gupt was a commercial success, with its storyline and soundtrack earning critical praise. Let us start with the title song. The part when the title of the song is sung. For all it's worth, Malik admits in the beginning of the song that it's a copy.

Gupt (Title) Song Lyrics

The piece is also very popular because it was used as the theme music of the horror film, The Exorcist. At least the Hindi song has a completely different aura. The three succeed in escaping the jail by sea, with a boat arranged by Sheetal.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Hidden Truth sung by alka yagnik music directed by vijay kalyanji shah viju shah composed by vijay kalyanji shah viju shah and lyrics written by anand bakshi.