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Hate to waste a bunch of points on ammo and get better perks later on. New episodes of Versus every Wednesday! Keep me logged in on this device. Most Recent Forum Activity.

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The upgrade price depends on the weapon. Advance mechanics of the game let you use new tactics and advances skills along with the stealth option. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password?

More ammo, health kits etc. The game is set on a tropical Island situated between Indian and Pacific Oceans and features the protagonist Jason Brady who travels to the Island to free his friends from the pirates. Why Being Bad Feels so Good. Look for a rusted brown plane wreck.

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This super thrilling game is a stunning addition to the series and will definitely entertain you if you play it. In the inventory menu, you can check which skins you have collected. Stealth helps you hide behind different structures Walls, Crates etc. Ubisoft's Jonathan Morin explains how Chicago and Africa aren't so different when it comes to the finer points of player immersion.

We break down the invisible walls of gaming's open worlds to discover that they do in fact end, and how developers get creative in stopping players from going any further. The starting location for the Government Plane Wreck fifth expedition is randomized. Do any new perks appear later in the game? The secret ingredient is phone. Hate to waste a bunch of points on ammo and get better perks later on Yes.

Join a team of actual doctors as they explore the medical madness of video games. The objectives of the game are to rescue the friends and escape with the artifacts currently in the possession of the pirates. Won't say what they are and spoil them but one of them is also able to be upgraded. It is the body of the plane and still has two wings on it.

Broken remnants of the old world are everywhere, and Survivors use them to create tools, shelter, weapons, and even working vehicles. Do you just do it at the weapon workbench and does it cost a lot of mats to do it? You're not alone in your battle against the Highwaymen. If the perks are like the weapon upgrades it may just be up to the player when to stop adding to it.

There is also a blue ladder leading up inside the wreck. Can't say I've felt like my guns have been underpowered though. Enter the plane wreck, and interact with the laptop on the ground level next to the only enemy on the ground level to unlock a secret vault upstairs. To get the bad ending, let Jospeh live at the end of the game by doing nothing when he wants you to kill him.

The video below shows both endings and the final boss fight. To get the good ending, shoot Joseph at the end of the game.

Their merciless, live-for-today outlook is shared by their followers, a legion of vicious scavengers known as the Highwaymen.

Ubisoft (US)

Face off against the Highwaymen and their leaders, the Twins as you fight to survive in a post-apocalyptic frontier. Twin sisters Mickey and Lou grew up in the harshest days of the apocalypse, song cutter software for pc learning to survive by taking what they needed. Forgot your username or password? Is there an optimal gun to upgrade?

Free Open World Co-op for up to 10 of your friends who don t own the game

Are Zombie Games Truly Undead? Daniel Hindes breaks down the invisible walls of gaming's boundless open worlds to discover that they do in fact end, and how developers can get creative with those confines. Could Call of Duty Be in Trouble? You can do the same, building your own ramshackle rides and improvised armaments for explosive, over-the-top action.

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How many times can you upgrade some perks? Xbox Live Gold members can now download two more free games at no charge through the end of January. Is the Best Year for Sequels? Can you upgrade the weapons of the guns for hire? My Blood Dragon Recurve is the only weapon i upgraded through my playthrough and now my wife's playthrough.

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Need co-op players for trophies. Wait, you can upgrade weapons? The Real Johnny Cage Returns!

Do Gamers Build the Best Games? What do you hope to see in the next-gen?

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Fight for survival in a lawless frontier where Highwaymen prey on struggling Survivors, and experience it all in highly replayable solo or co-op gameplay. Community Arrow Down Arrow.