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Had to Come and stop the train from there. Now we are not faced with the choice of choosing between torturous deaths, conversion or keeping our Sikh faith.

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The answer is Naam, Gurbaani and Rehat. You do not leave on time and then utter slogans.

All the volunteers went fast and sat on the train. On the way they heard, the railway employees gate-bearers were talking among themselves that why the vehicle has suddenly broken. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

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Dera Sacha Sauda Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera hi Asra - video dailymotion

See more of Dhan dhan samrath sant satguru hukam partap radha swami Ji on Facebook. Dhan dhan samrath sant satguru hukam partap radha swami Ji is at Shree Dhayanpur Dham. The volunteers thanked the Satguru beloved for the grace. Blood was pouring from his head. Jab teri rehmat par meri nazar jaati hai, Mere Rab ji, sri rama rajyam movie meri aakhein bhar aati hain.

Everyone reached Kanwarpura darbar at the time of Satsang. Aaja darsh dikha de harawaley, main anandpur aai hoiya. Vekho ji vekho mere guru ji aaye. His hair was shining bright red.

Just think if the Guru's Sikhs are great, then how great must their Guru be. We have never been requested to kill somebody slowly. His face was smothered with the colour of blood.

Do not do such a thing ever. Have we held on tight to the support of Japji Sahib? All the hands started to repent repent and there was no way they could get there in time.

Radha Swami ji Translated. Bhai Mati Daas never gave up Sikhi or the support of Gurbani when challenged with death. Newer Post Older Post Home. Radha swami ji Radha Swami ji Translated. Their anger is also to cut the terrible karmas of a person.

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MEERA BAI payoji Maine Ram Ratan LyricBhajan - Kirantan - Shri Prannathji

Eventually his body split into two pieces. The train stopped immediately after reaching the gate. One of these great men was called Bhai Mati Daas Ji. At the time when you utter slogan I was in the secret office. Hath uper kerke kyon jaikara lgate hai.

Have we held on to the immortal spirit of Sikhi? True Master scolded the people and issued them warnings with rightful explanation and forgave them.

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Their purpose is always to do good to all the creatures at all times. Naa hau Naa too n Neh chhutehi, nikatt na jaaeeahu doot.

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After leaving everything, all the volunteers immediately reached the holy place and started to, decorate it. The saints are the Master of both worlds, and the anger of the saints is also a huge blessing. Where did they get their faith, conviction and power from? Secondly I request you to execute me slowly. Aj malleya booha aake main tere dwar da baba, baba tere dawar da Hath rakhde ikk baari tu mere sir te payar da.

Dera Sacha Sauda Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera hi Asra - video dailymotion