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Crazy Taxi and its sequels are score attack games that all employ the same fundamental rules and mechanics. Choose your taxi driver and drive as recklessly as possible with all sorts of combos that will scare the hell out of your passengers and reward you with more money. Classics are classics, but also crazy! This isn't a perfect re-creation of the classic arcade racer, but it's a fair game in its own right. Read more about Crazy Taxi Classic on our blog!

Crazy Taxi is a series of score attack racing video games that was developed by Hitmaker and published by Sega. It simply doesn't deliver what you want from a Gamecube game. Crazy Taxi is one of those arcade style games that will have you playing it every night of your life. The player must perform this while time still remains on an overall gameplay clock.

The original arcade game was developed by Hitmaker as a variation from then-current arcade titles. Well you can't do in real life, but you can do it in this game.

Pages using deprecated image syntax Articles with Curlie links Featured articles. This game is simple enough for a casual gamer yet deep enough for the diehards. It seems easy but it's obviously not because you'll have to beat the countdown and a traffic nightmare that will make it impossible for you to drive as fast as you want to.

Passengers looking for rides are indicated by an overhead marker that is colored to represent the distance to their intended destination. Killer List of Video Games.

Crazy Taxi Game - PC Full Version Free Download

It makes me wonder what kind of info that sega is secretly stashing away about me while I play. Superb System with Superb games. There have been two attempts to create a movie based on the Crazy Taxi franchise. Beyond that, there's not much depth to it, but its fluid, fast-paced driving gameplay is so engrossing that it doesn't really need much else.

Still this is a good game. Do you remember those when the only thing on your mind was to drive through traffic packed streets picking up passengers and scaring the hell out of the pedestrians?

Crazy Taxi (PC) System Requirements

What Gamespot Users have to say about Crazy Taxi. Being a taxi driver involves many tasks, like finding new passengers, knowing your way, having change, collecting the fare and many more activities that may end up complicating your workday. Fare Wars have had a somewhat better reception than other ports.

In addition to the video arcade games, Sega Enterprises, Inc. Visit our Curriculum Guide to find games and activities to meet your classroom's curriculum needs for Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies. Games Bookshelf Printables Videos. Plus, now you get much more than just your fare, as you can collect BlueStacks Points to exchange for incredible gamer items in the shop.

Then, once I got past all of that, it slapped me in the face with a full screen ad before it would even let me see a single frame of game play. The first thing it did was ask for my iTunes password. Have the entire world as your passenger.

In when I found this game I had to pay to get the game. And I also liked that there was more worlds to drive in.

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Grafics are good but not for a game like that. Crazy Taxi is one of those games that are addicting, fun, and brings a good challenge to the gamer. Score Breakdown Based on ratings. Every day is a day to celebrate! If you really want to make some money, you'll need to combine fast driving to reach your targets with zany stunt driving.


If you like driving games, babe video Crazy Taxi provides a concentrated hit of adrenaline and enjoyment. Make new friends and certify yourself that you are not the only crazy person out there!

Crazy Taxi (Video Game) Review

Instantly improve your skills using incredible tools such as the Multi-Instance mode and the Key-Mapping features. Furthermore, a second countdown timer is started, representing how quickly the passenger needs to be at their destination. Over one hundred different ideas for mini-games were developed by the team but then pared down for the Crazy Box mini-game challenges for the game. The default keyboard controls on BlueStacks have been carefully crafted after months of testing by expert gamers to ensure only the best gaming experience for the users. Graphics are not so well, too.

The game is a fun simulator in which, you'll have to drive your taxi around at full speed, dodging all kinds of obstacles whilst you cause havoc with your skills behind the wheel. Sega applied for and was awarded U. Crazy taxi was a popular arcade game that was ported to consoles between and and was known as one of the best Dreamcast games ever. Play your favorite Virtual Worlds right here on PrimaryGames. Once the clock reaches zero, the game is over, and the player is ranked and rated based on the total earned.

If the destination is reached in time, the player is paid based on distance driven with a possible time bonus based on how quickly the destination was reached. The number of passengers in the car multiplies the tip bonuses earned from stunt driving, while the total fare can only be earned once the last passenger is dropped off in time. The Dreamcast, a system that was born to play. The game adds an additional four characters to select from.

The game incorporated music and sounds from the video games. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You're a taxy driver, you can break the law, what you want more?

Laptop (Windows)