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Several sources said that the director and actor were unsatisfied with the score. The film's poster and trailer, released on Twitter and YouTube, were criticised by some Tamil media for their depiction of Tamil ethos. She commended Padukone's looks, although she criticized aspects of her stagecraft skills.

Sathyaraj was cast to play the role of Padukone's character's father, making his debut in Bollywood. When the police officers investigate and take Rahul into custody, he tells his story and ends up back in Komban.

List of highest-grossing Bollywood films. Durgesh allows Rahul to marry Meena. Now just sit back and suffer.

What exactly is Shahrukh Khan up to? India portal Film portal Bollywood portal Comedy portal. On their way back, Rahul realises that he has fallen in love with Meenamma, and does not tell her where they are going. The story is about this man's travel from Mumbai to Rameshwaram and what happens during the journey.

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When the car breaks down, Rahul and Meenamma quarrel and part ways. British Board of Film Classification. We discern Rohit Shetty for his mass leisure which includes cars fluttering from the unknown corners and comedy which isn't slapstick but works. He also tells Meenamma that he loves her. Tangaballi catches Rahul as he tries to leave, but the villagers help them escape again.

1234 Get On the Dance Floor (From Chennai Express ) song detail

Meenamma then realises that she has fallen in love with Rahul. Female Vocalist of The Year. Rahul lends her his mobile phone so that she can contact her friends, but the men with her grab it and throw it from the train. Money and visual care have been lavished on this Bollywood action-comedy-romance and glossy stars engaged Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone.

He helps her and four other people board the moving train, but the train leaves the station before he can get off. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This vehicle is worth being onboard for once! If you don't plan to engage in a multi-lateral critique of dramatic elements and narrative, this film can be fun.

Chennai Express had Nikitin Dheer and Sathyaraj play supporting roles. Meenamma persuades Rahul to disperse Bhishambhar's ashes and travels with him to Rameshwaram, where they complete the rites.

1234 Get On the Dance Floor (From Chennai Express ) song detail

Chennai Express Theatrical release poster. However, to emphasis on the connection with South India, the film was retitled as Chennai Express with the planned title used as the tagline. Starting with his upcoming film Chennai Express, the credit rolls will not feature his name first, but that of his leading actress. Reluctantly, he accepts her request but is also eager to attend the Goa trip. Terrified and once again surrounded by Durgesh's sickle-wielding henchmen, Rahul pretends to take Meenamma hostage and escapes with her in Durgesh's car, singer javed ali songs battling Durgesh's men.

The script of Chennai Express was ready for Khan as a back-up, because of the difficulty of obtaining the actor's filming dates. Ready Steady Po for Chennai Express! He said the song celebrated the spirit of togetherness.

One Two Three Four - Chennai Express - Download mp4 3gp Videos

1234 Get On The Dance Floor (Chennai Express)

Chennai Express is a rollicking trip to nowhere! Overall, this is a bubblegum blockbuster. Chennai Express is also the first Bollywood film which was released on the same day in India and Peru.

Tangaballi challenges Rahul to a duel that Rahul unknowingly accepts, due to his lack of knowledge in Tamil. International Business Times. Shah Rukh Khan Gauri Khan. In other projects Wikiquote. Rahul, Bobby and Baman plan to dump the ashes at Goa but Neetu wants to see him off, forcing Rahul to travel by train.

Durgesh and Tangaballi reform, accepting that the love of a common man like Rahul is bigger than their physical ability and political influence. Rahul tells Tangaballi and his goons that he is ready for the fight this time. He expressed his displeasure over Balasubramaniam's ill-suiting of voice for Shah Rukh Khan, and said that in all the song was not remarkable.

1234 Get On The Dance Floor (Chennai Express)

Rahul then leaves a message that love knows no regional or language barriers and that with a strong heart, there is no limit to what the common man can add. Theatrical release poster. Rahul is annoyed but says nothing because the men are carrying weapons. In Peru, it was the first Hindi film to be released on the same day as in India. The director was reportedly asked to plan for a different musical composition.

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In the fight that follows, Rahul is severely injured but emerges victorious. Rahul, not knowing which way to go, returns to Meenamma, who takes him to the Vidhamba village. Meenamma tells the villagers that they are a married couple who needs protection and rest, to which the villagers agree.

Shah Rukh Khan Deepika Padukone. She asks Rahul to take the ashes to Rameswaram and disperse them.

Get On The Dance Floor Chennai Express Deepika Padukone Shah Rukh Khan

Balasubrahmanyam recorded the title track for the film, marking his return to Bollywood for playback after an absence of fifteen years. Rohit Shetty makes chettinad-style masala movies.

They said Padukone's heavily accented dialogue resembled a Malayalee accent rather than a Tamil one. She is fleeing from a forced marriage to a ruffian named Tangaballi Nikitin Dheer. Meenamma takes Rahul to Durgesh and introduces Rahul as her lover.

Films directed by Rohit Shetty. Rahul tells the Travelling Ticket Examiner about them, but they push the inspector into a river below a bridge. Raised by his grandparents from the age of eight, Rahul's grandfather Bhishambhar Lekh Tandon owns a chain of confectionery shops.

Rohit Shetty stated that despite the title, Khan would not play a South Indian in the film. Red Chillies Entertainment.