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The Toolcat delivers the perfect balance of power and precision. On slopes, keep heavy end of loader uphill. These can be diagnosed by a compression test, or by tracing top-end noise with a sounding rod or stethoscope.

The S is the highest-lifting, most powerful model in the frame size. There are tons of illustrations, specifications, pictures, step-by-step instructions, special tool info etc. Get detailed specifications and learn about proper repair procedures. The V offers attachment versatility along with excellent reach and high mobility.

The capable and versatile Toolcat truly changes the way you work. Compact Track Loader Attachments. The vertical lift path T tackles your lifting and digging tasks.

Keep bystanders away from the work area. Load, unload and turn on fl at, level ground. You can click here to learn more about how cookies are used on this site. Engine top-end problems usually affect engine performance. Leaking cylinder head gasket Worn, stuck or broken piston ring Worn or damaged cylinder and piston Bent connecting rod Compression too high, overheating or knocking.

Understand and comply with applicable laws and regulations. Open and close grapple teeth. Do not raise the lift arms and attachment over another worker. Bob-Tach levers should be fully down and locked with wedges extended through attachment mounting holes. Worn cylinder, piston or piston rings Improper installation of piston rings Scored or scratched piston or cylinder wall Abnormal noise.

This manual applies to the equipment serial number range listed below. Toolcat Work Machine Attachments.

Do not pull back suddenly on the steering lever controls to stop loader. Keep the bucket level when raising lift arms to prevent material from falling out of bucket. When the operator is seated and raises the seat bar, the Auxiliary Hydraulic System Front and Rear will deactivate. Keep hands and feet on controls or footrests.

Slow down when approaching the dump site. This is the complete master illustrated parts list manual for Bobcat Compact Mini Excavators. Changing and Using Attachments Make sure attachment is securely fastened to loader. Reverse flow can be used only with augers, power rakes, sweepers, tillers, and vibratory rollers. Even for your toughest jobs, the utility vehicle is ready.

Travel directly up and down slopes, not across them. Compact Excavator Attachments. South and Southeast Asia English. Use only approved attachments. Incorrect valve adjustment Burned or bent valves Incorrect valve timing Broken valve spring Uneven valve seating Valve stuck open.

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Bobcat Manuals

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Incorrect clutch adjustment Worn clutch discs Weak clutch springs Faulty clutch lifter Improper oil viscosity or oil additive used. Find replacement parts and accessories for your machine with parts lists and drawings for your machine. Standard Optional Not Applicable. The radius lift path S delivers great performance for its size. Utility Vehicle Attachments.

Bobcat Manuals

Bobcat manuals

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The S is a vertical lift path loader that provides impressive reach at full lift height. The S is a powerful radius lift path model in the frame size. This is the complete master illustrated parts list manual for Bobcat E Compact Mini Excavators. The secondary front auxiliary hydraulics and the rear auxiliary hydraulics operate from the same auxiliary section of the control valve. Always look in the direction of travel.

Learn to operate and properly maintain your machine. If the tube is smoky, check for seized piston ring. Keep bystanders away from loader and work area.

Order Bobcat Parts Online. This manual covers model Bobcat model compact mini excavators. Search Bobcat Parts Catalog. Find official manuals for everything related to your equipment. If the performance is poor at low speeds, hulk the incredible pc game full version check for a white smoke in the crankcase breather tube.

Move steering lever controls smoothly. Toolcat Utility Work Machine.

For fast, secure attachment change. This manual contains all the information you need to properly perform complex repairs on the entire machine, including engines. Leanmixture in slow circuit Faulty air cut-off valve Faulty ignition system Backfiring or misfiring during acceleration. Mini track loader floats across wet, soft, and muddy ground conditions. Never lean out the front of the cab with the engine running.

Offers and Financing Current Offers Warranty. The T offers the highest lifting height in the platform. Do not travel or turn with lift arms up. Failure to follow warnings and instructions can cause serious injury or death. Excessive carbon build-up on piston head or combustion chamber Worn or damaged decompressor system.

Middle East and Africa English. Never carry riders or use loader as a manlift.

Do not jump off the loader. The vertical lift path S tackles your lifting and digging tasks. The radius lift path T is ideal for seeding, grading and more. Use the correct size bucket for the type and density of material being handled.

The A offers a tight-turning, turf-saving all-wheel steer mode. To operate only one of these auxiliary functions, disconnect the other. Mini Track Loader Attachments. Hydrostatic drive systems are responsive and loader will move immediately when controls are activated. The S is a powerful radius lift path loader in the frame size.

Bobcat T Compact Track Loader.