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We cater to the client's taste and will taylor the show for those individual needs, sometimes coming up with a song on the spot to add that special flavour to a great night. The Process of Self-Development. It is unique refreshing and extremely lively.

Flat Beat Made famous by the French movie director and techno composer Mr. They have been play-listed on The Rock radio station with their own music and have had music video's played on national t.

Al is well known for his smooth bluesy vocals and blistering guitar solos that'll leave you gasping. Introducing Happy Fish band.

Introducing Taiapa Road Soul Band. DigitalNativeDance An innovation at the time, this famous D preset utilized short loops that gave the instrument instant character. Yet another famous D preset, this is a lovely sound that defines New Age pieces.

This band has a reputation for always performing and working in totally professional courteous manner. Gated choir sequenced triplets.

Introducing The Hipstamatics. Performance and Cocktails. Comes in fun colors, too, like green.

Playing music from the current charts to some of the biggest hits ever recorded. Axel F A s hit for Harold Faltermeyer. Priding ourselves on our live sound and stage performance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Any song is going to sound nice with that dreamy loop in the background.

Original Motion Picture Score. Who'd have thought that tapping a metal pole would have so many repercussions? Replace the noise with a sawtooth wave and you've got another offender, rez bass. One of the best analog string machines ever. Their live performance oozes energy and is second to none.

The Hipstamatics are now a household name in the live music community in New Zealand. With great music from all genres, a great light show and a well dressed and professional looking band with a great depth of experience.

1999 in music


Together they create bass tracks to give a full band sound. And now most every techno band does. Moments In Love O Superman. Gary Numan used that Polymoog preset for the great mega-analog synth lead in his hit song.

The Macarena delayed synth. Over the years Trevor has played country music in every corner of New Zealand, in Tamworth Australia and in Nashville Tennessee the home of American country music. The Anasthasia techno choir. Best of Led Zeppelin Volume One. Evan Silva is one of Australasia's top soul, R'n B artists with a list of impressive achievements in the music industry on both sides of the Tasman.

Truly innovative not becase it's the first time that somebody filters vocals, but because of her amazing operatic technique combined with technology. Pitch-shift it up to bpm, and you get a groovalicious beat that many a jungle producers find irresistible. When it comes to versatility and danceability the repertoire of Rebel Without Applause is impossible to beat. Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony. It All Comes Down to This.

This flutey, highly synthetic lead sound sure stands out, but already belongs to someone. Some of the members have been playing in New Zealand, Australia and Europe for a number of years and this line up has a real chemistry. American Made Music to Strip By.

James Brown grunts and screams. There Is Nothing Left to Lose.

Cast of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. An irresistible loop, this was perfect to build up a House track. Playing to our strengths and paying our respect to some of the greatest songsever heard on any decent rock or classic hits type format.

At the beginning of the great Who song. He has been singing since the age of fifteen and to date has recorded eleven albums.

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Influenced by the original sound of Jamaican reggae and infused with Aotearoa roots, Tribal Conexionz has a sound to be reckoned with. Very particular-sounding, highly-resonant synth and dance hall reggae bass. With a burning desire to spread their message of love and unity, bruce lee movie list this group of passionate musicians is a reggae band that excels in live performance.

Cut Carefully and Play Loud. That's quite enough hitting already.

On second thought, please don't. Violet A simple yet irresistible sound, Soundtrack is a chorused, filter-swept, sawtooth fifth.

Sequential Circuits ProphetVS

Against All Odds First heard on Peter Gabriel's third album, then virtually trademarked by Phil Collins, this is what happens when you run a drum through excessive reverb and then chop off the decay. An evocative, mysterious sound, this was an otherworldly bell layered with a synth pad. Introducing Four on The Floor. The Olivia Tremor Control.