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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The three get into a shootout with everyone involved in the deal. Larry Ferguson Warren Skaaren. Image supplied by Chris Vermeylen. Just as the last criminals are about to flee, the police arrive on the scene and arrest the remainder of Dent's goons and Thomopolis.

Problems playing this file? Posing as a flower deliveryman, Axel goes to Maitland's office and tries to question him about Mikey, but is thrown out a window by Maitland's bodyguards and arrested. Theatrical release poster. When revisions and other preparations took longer than expected, Rourke left the project to do another film.

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Police Chief Hubbard, who has learned of Axel's ill-advised investigative actions, orders that Axel be escorted out of town. This song has different music and slightly altered lyrics. Paramount Pictures had planned a television series based on the first film. Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack.

Dent confronts Axel in the warehouse, but Axel gets distracted by one of Dent's henchmen on the roof above him and Dent gets away. Realizing that he may be fired in Detroit, Axel asks Bogomil to speak to Inspector Todd and smooth things over for him. Judge Reinhold reprised his role for the sequels.

Dent is robbing his own businesses on purpose in order to finance firearms transactions with an arms dealer named Nikos Thomopolis and is discreetly using Cain as the front man for his operations. Taggart and Rosewood agree to assist Axel because of Lutz's attempts to find an excuse to get them fired. His boss Inspector Douglas Todd reprimands Axel for his behavior and threatens to fire him unless he changes his ways on the force. Dent then crashes through the wall in his car and Axel shoots Dent through the windshield, sending his car down a hill and erupting in flames, after running Axel over. Tell us about it and maybe we will add it.

Beverly Hills Cop - Soundtrack

Danilo Bach Daniel Petrie, Jr. As well as the highest grossing opening weekend of all time at the time.

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Thank you very much for all the hard work involved in giving the planet access to all this wonderful music! Taggart tracks Axel and Rosewood to Maitland's estate, where he joins the two in their efforts to rescue Jenny and bring Maitland to justice. Image supplied by quicksilvergts. La-La Land Records released a limited edition album featuring Harold Faltermeyer's score including some material unused in the movie and some of the songs.

Image supplied by Reggis Souza. Together, the trio wipe out a number of Maitland's men, including Zack, Maitland's right-hand man and Mikey's killer. He also discovers that many of Maitland's crates have not gone through customs. They are also able to convince Mayor Egan of Lutz's incompetence, and the Mayor fires Lutz for his abusive attitude towards his own men.

After hearing about the shooting by a news report, adobe reader 9 for xp full version software Axel Foley abandons his current undercover duties and immediately flies out to Beverly Hills to help find out who shot Bogomil. Beverly Hills Cop - Axel F. Thank you for letting me download all of the Beverly Hills Cop Soundtrack because it is my favourite movies and Eddie Murphy is my favourite actor. Films produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

After being arrested again, this time after a scuffle at Maitland's country club, Axel admits to Bogomil that Maitland must be a smuggler. Was there ever a score released for the third movie? Use mdy dates from November All articles lacking reliable references Articles lacking reliable references from May Articles with hAudio microformats. Lutz tries to fire Rosewood and Taggart for their insubordination, and also tries to arrest Axel.

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Axel has Bogomil's daughter Jan use her connections as an insurance agent to find out about Dent's financial dealings. Films directed by Tony Scott. Fine Collection Of Soundtracks, A. Image supplied by Wilson Maffetano. Your email address will not be published.

On the trail of Mikey's killers, Axel sneaks into one of Maitland's warehouses, where he finds coffee grounds, which he suspects were used to pack drugs. These samples are provided to give users the idea of music. Axel also learns from Jan that all of Dent's businesses have had their insurance coverage canceled and are about to go bankrupt except his race track, which he is convinced might be the next target. Maitland takes Jenny and leaves Axel to be killed, but after some hesitation, Rosewood enters the warehouse and rescues Axel. Bogomil fabricates a story to Hubbard that covers for all the participants without discrediting the Beverly Hills Police force.

Before Axel can get this new found evidence to Rosewood, Maitland and his associates arrive. After hanging out at a bar, they return to Axel's apartment, where two men knock Axel unconscious and then confront Mikey about the bearer bonds, and kill him. The soundtrack debuted at No. Please support the composers by buying their records and releases!

Don Simpson Jerry Bruckheimer. Mikey shows Axel some German bearer bonds and Axel wonders how he got them, but chooses not to question him about it. Jackson was cast as Axel Foley's son. However, both Taggart and Rosewood stand up to an infuriated Lutz and prove that Dent was the real Alphabet Bandit and the rest of the alphabet crimes were about the arms deal. Murphy turned down the series but was willing to do a sequel.

Beverly Hills Cop Soundtrack

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Beverly Hills Cop - Soundtrack

All the rights are reserved to the audio company. However, Axel convinces Rosewood to pick up Jenny instead and take her with them to Maitland's warehouse, where a shipment is due to arrive that day. Lutz and Mayor Egan come as well.

Later, Taggart and Rosewood meet Axel as he checks out of his hotel, and pay his bill. Sly Stallone as Axel Foley?

Axel returns to Detroit, but not before he gets chewed out by Inspector Todd over the phone, after Egan called Todd to congratulate him on allowing Axel to assist them on this case. On the way home, Bogomil is shot and injured by Karla Fry, the chief enforcer of Maxwell Dent, who is secretly the mastermind behind the Alphabet Crimes. Couldn't find your soundtrack in the database? Axel and Jenny break into the warehouse and discover several bags of cocaine inside a crate. Can you re-upload this soundtrack, please?

Sylvester Stallone was originally considered for the part of Foley. Lutz also punishes Taggart and Rosewood by placing them on traffic duty. Two days later, the film's producers, Simpson and Bruckheimer, convinced Eddie Murphy to replace Stallone in the film, prompting more rewrites.

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