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They may stick to inflexible routines, move in stereotyped and repetitive ways, preoccupy themselves with parts of objects, or engage in compulsive behaviors like lining objects up to form patterns. It's given me bad fine motor coordination problems where I can hardly write. They may be poorly coordinated or have an odd or bouncy gait or posture, poor handwriting, or problems with motor coordination. However, this skewed gender ratio may reflect difficulties in identifying the disorder in girls and women. Some may choose only to talk to people they like.

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The narrow conception of the neurodiversity claim should be accepted but the broader claim should not. While most professionals agree that the earlier the intervention, the better, there is no single best treatment package. Societal and cultural aspects of autism Students and families walk to support Autism Awareness Month. Only a narrow conception of neurodiversity, referring exclusively to high-functioning autists, is reasonable.

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They focus on these topics so intensely that they become expert in these areas. Conditions comorbid to autism spectrum disorders Frequency estimates vary enormously.

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Individuals with Asperger syndrome typically have an intense interest in a few topics. This characteristic of Asperger syndrome has given rise to the mistaken popular notion that all individuals with the syndrome are savants. People with Asperger syndrome often have difficulty initiating or maintaining a reciprocal conversation, singletreff vilshofen partly due to their intense focus on a few favored topics.

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Asperger syndrome and interpersonal relationships A lack of demonstrated empathy affects aspects of communal living for persons with Asperger syndrome. The cost and difficulty of screening and assessment can delay diagnosis.