18 year old dating 26 year old, is it ok for a 26 year old to date an 18 year old

What do you think of an 18 year old dating a 28 year old

If you wondered how much you will change, that ought to put it into perspective. It's the way of these sorts of relationships. It's hard for me to not think of this as some sort of yucky expression of male dominance. Technically, when can you have your she's an adult. You're walking in with a different set of knowledge and expectations.

18 year old dating 26 year old

And rather a broad variety in between. The unconscious emotional pressures on her would be immense. Age is absolutely a nonsense barrier to a relationship. When you announce his age, you are looking for a reaction.

What do you think of an 18 year old dating a 28 year old

What are the biggest tracker networks and what can I do about them? Don't let him get you in to anything like drugs, whether street drugs or prescription drugs or orgies or anything like that. Although these qualities are great, the most important qualities is that he respects you, loves you, cares about you and your family, services and wants the best for you. No one can stop you from doing so.

What Is With These Grown Men Dating 19-Year-Olds (Besides the Obvious)

This smacks of grooming and abuse. There are no rules to love or who can form a relationship. It's amazing and there is no longer a creepy aspect to my sex life. All I can tell you is don't settle for the first guy to look your way.

Is it OK for a 26 year old to date an 18 year old

She needs to experience independence. Is it weird for a year-old girl to date a year-old guy? But if I were you i would reconsider and reavaluate my surroundings. Hope this helps and good luck!

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18 year old dating 26 year old

Who knows maybe this future realtionship will be a mistake and you will learn from it. Quora uses cookies to improve your experience. No, that is a nice age difference as long as you are mature enough. While an established man would not, and would be able to take care of her and support a family. You need to show how mature you are and how much you care about her, eventually her parents will get used to the idea, but you need to let them get to know you first.

Is it appropriate for a year-old to be dating an year-old? My mom is discouraging me from dating him. If people find it odd you're dating older, they may not think you're mature enough to handle it.

  1. At first meeting, her sister asked if I was a paedophile, to which I told her no, and that was that.
  2. We are still good friends, many of my friends are still friends with her, I am good friends with many of her friends, and we both still have many friends obtained together.
  3. Thank you for your feedback!
  4. But, you should be aware of the challenges you'll hit.
  5. But its legal and regardless people are gona have there opinions so i would say just do what your heart tells you to do if u really love her.

Is it OK for a 26 year old to date an 18 year old

If she wants to please him, will she make different choices? Um, no I don't think so, but I don't know why someone that age would want to date someone that immature, unless the guy is immature too. We met on a night out, got talking, and hit it of. Of course, legally you can marry her. At this stage, dating things are becoming more murky and the two parties are at totally different stages in their lives.

18 year old dating 26 year old

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Be sure she is looking for a partner. We managed to work through it, but it was hard work. There can be love between all age groups, and when you get older it matters less. Forget all the condemnation and hokum here. For an adult who has worked all that out to be involved like this is almost sure to impact her personal growth.

There is nothing wrong with that either. Now that I've got that straightened out, levine I'm nearly thirty and seeing someone age appropriate. Ad another ten or twenty years and the difference between your ages becomes only a blip on the radar of your life span. It usually means you will continue to have a more mature view on life and reality than others as you get older.

If a serious relationship ensues, enjoy that. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? As long as the two of you are happy, why does it matter what anyone else think?

It's relative to the individuals, their history, maturity level, and experience. We have our fair share of exciting experiences but though travel, and sports, etc. If she would go to college, but involvement with him works better if she doesn't, might she cut short her education for that?

Why Do Grown Men Date Year-Olds

Would a relationship with a year-old woman and a year-old man work out? This is not as important as some folks think, but I mention it to say, I tried the full range, yet the man I married turned out to be less than a year older than me. Can a year-old man have a romantic relationship with a year-old woman?

The most important thing is that you are compatable. But what I noticed from her realtionship is that it doesnt work because of the age gap. It can still be fun but it's more fun to do it with people who have not seeing it. He is an older, presumably successful source of approval. Over the time we were together, very few people raised an eyebrow at our relationship.

It was never about love for me when I dated older men, nor when any of my friends did it. Age is just a number and there is nothing wrong with what your are doing. Answer Questions Will she miss the kindergarten cutoff?

18 year old dating 26 year old
18 year old dating 26 year old
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  • We share nearly mutual friends in real life.
  • Of course your new girlfriends parents will be a bit cautious at the beginning since you are eight years older than her, so they might be a bit over protective.
  • But if he is wise as his age should indicate, that is very nice.
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18 year old dating 26 year old
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